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Perennial Plants/Flowers

photo 4For your home garden to commercial landscaping Carson’s Nurseries has a great selection of perennial plants and flowers for gardening and landscaping needs.

Found in virtually every yard, perennial plants and flowers work in almost any situation: filling whole garden beds, mixed with annuals and bulbs and as companion accents to trees and shrubs. Perennials also make bright and beautiful containers and window boxes.

A perennial plant is a plant that lives for more than two years. Perennials often grow and bloom during spring and summer, dying back every fall and winter and return in the spring from their root-stock. Some perennial plants are very short-lived; blooming only a few short years or can be long-lived, as a lot of woody plants and trees are considered perennials as well.

Perennials also include a large assortment of plants from small flowering plants to plant groups such as ferns to exotic and diverse orchids and grasses. Evergreens are considered part of this group and along with some crops like rice and wheatgrass.

Often increasing in size each year, perennials may be divided and added to other areas in your yard and landscaping designs. Perennial plants offer a wide variety of colors and textures for all of your planting needs.

Some Popular Perennials

Peonies, Iris’, Daylilies, Echinacea (also known as Purple Coneflower), Aster, Forget-me-nots, Daisies, Lavender

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